Previous meetings

Find out what happened at some of our previous meetings below.

Gary Jones

March 2019

Gary Jones delighted us with some of his true workers. It was fantastic to hear the history and development as well as how he had placed his own style into the routines. From card magic to a chop cup routine he seemed to have a fruit fixation!!! Gary is a real sharer of his ideas. “My magic is there to be used so use it” was his mantra and he did not hold back on a whole variety of methods and simple props. Gary has released many products onto the market and its well worth the effort to look up his products on the various magic sites. Gary finished with a routine he has yet to complete using rubix cubes, asking for feedback and showing us all the professionalism that goes into honing a routine. WE WILL be asking him back for a third visit. Thank you Gary, you are a true gent.

Chris Wood

February 2019

Chris wood is one of the most giving teachers in magic. His attention to detail and building of his routines are legendary. He can be found sharing his love for magic at many a Monday night at the Magic Circle of which he is a Gold star MIMC. His coin routine and cards blew us away as he used the routines to show us how to build layer upon layer of misdirection into the story that you show. One of my favourite magicians and one of the best lecturers on the circuit. For magicians this is the stuff is the hardest to get right, Chris took time to let us into this truly magical world and I bet every member left a better magician for his visit.