Dear fellow magicians, thank you for taking the time to seek out this page. No matter what your level level of magic you ARE a magician, and you will be welcome. If you are new to magic then you could not have chosen a better place to start, if you are a seasoned pro then you already appreciate the value of a ‘safe space’ to play, discuss and possibly try out new ideas.

To the new magicians reading: Everybody has to start somewhere, everybody has different talents and skills they can bring to the table. For magicians it’s hard to hone our skills without others around us, it can be a slightly lonely and daunting hobby. By coming to FAME you are part of a team, a team built to build everybody up, to support and give a wider outlet than just workmates or family.

To the more accomplished magicians: FAME is slightly different to the other clubs and associations in the area, focusing more on performance. Do not worry if you don’t wish to perform, that’s fine, performing to other magicians can be daunting and we want everybody to be comfortable. If we had a mission statement at FAME it would probably be to help every magician be more comfortable and relaxed in their magical ability.

Let’s be honest, a lot of magicians now go to youtube, etc, but a lot of the time the detail is missing. The detail many of us did not even know existed when we also started our magical journey. Even the simplest move can be elevated by a subtle word change or position of the hand. So if you want to meet friendly like-minded magicians with the bonus of finding out the real secrets to magic then come and join us free for your first meeting.