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Most magicians are not professionals, they are hobbyist’s. They just enjoy performing for friends and family, some perhaps doing the odd show for organisations they or their family are involved with right up to full time pro’s who travel the world for wads of cold hard cash. Everybody starts somewhere, Just ask the pro’s and committee at FAME.

“When I started out I just performed for my nephew and niece, every time they cam round I would be asked to do a new trick. I joined FAME and another magic club that sadly no longer runs in Basingstoke and slowly started to have the confidence to perform for my parents social club, at the nursing home where I worked previously and for friends and family at birthdays for kids and adults alike. I passed my magic circle exam and now teach, perform and help run magic clubs at both national and local level. Am I the best? Absolutely not, we are all learning. But I had to take those first steps. You already have done this just by picking up a deck of cards or a coin. One of my earliest steps was joining FAME and I can honestly say that without the generosity of other magicians passing on their knowledge I would not be the magician I am today,” David O’Connor MMC

Contact the secretary David O’Connor who will be glad to speak to you about taking your next step into the wonderful world of magic performance.