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Welcome to FAME (Farnborough Association of Magical Entertainers). You can find out more about us, come and visit us for one of our meetings or lectures or join us to enjoy the benefits of membership.

JANUARYS MEET IS NOW ON ZOOM: Please see email for link and details

PLEASE NOTE Feb and March 2022 are on the first Monday of the month (7th) not the second monday of month which is usual for all other FAME meetings


January: New Members Eve

NOW ON ZOOM: See email for link

January’s meet is now on zoom. So please do not turn up to the Hall. We won’t be there. Please also see the email or link for the information about what is on at the meeting and the subjects / fun we have organised for you

Monday 10th December 8pm


December: Christmas Social

This is traditionally a busy time for magicians. For FAME members it’s a time to kick back and watch others do whatever they feel like doing. A session just to riff or chat. No theme, just a relaxed session including mince pies and fizzy drinks, though why anybody wants to drink fizzy tea or coffee is beyond me! This is one of my favorite meetings of the year. You can try out new stuff, things you might never do to a paying audience, silly stuff, or absolutely nothing at all.

Monday 13th December 8pm


November: Tricks from Pockets (No Cards!) Lecture

Micheal Simpson will be lecturing on effects you can fit in your pockets. NO CARDS! Why no cards you may ask? Well, our last two lectures have been very card-specific. Plus our members have requested effects that you can use to split your card effects. Using other props allows you to switch decks between effects easily and creates more variety for your audience. NO CARDS means NO CARDS. So no packet effects, ESP, picture, etc

Monday 8th November 8pm


October: Lecture on Specialised Decks

Following last month’s fantastic return to performing in real life. This month we have specialized decks. A lecture by our president Lenny Dragon on the different packs of cards and how they can be deployed by any magician. Something for all levels and I am certain everybody will go away with something they can use. If you wish you can bring your favorite deck to show or perform with.

Monday 11th October 8pm


September: We are back!

Yes, we are back in the hall. The first time in one and a half years. A social meeting with a small show from committee to start. Old and New members are welcome as well as anybody who used to be a member. Yes, you don’t need to be paid up! If you are interested in magic and it’s your first time with us then please do get in touch and let us know via the contact form on the JOIN US page so we have an idea of numbers

Monday 13th September 8pm



The BBQ has been CANCELLED due to the long-range inclement weather forecast and the fact that should it rain social distancing indoors would be impossible. We hope to see you all again in September. In person!!!!! There will NOT be a replacement zoom meeting



July: Zoom Social

This could be a fond farewell to ZOOM! Our last virtual zoom meeting before we return back to seeing people in the flesh in September. The August BBQ may return (dependent on restrictions) but for now, it would be fantastic if all current and old members / non-members dropped in for an informal show & tell or chat.

12th July 8pm