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 Welcome to FAME (Farnborough Association of Magical Entertainers). You can find out more about us, come and visit us for one of our meetings or lectures or join us to enjoy the benefits of membership. We usually meet on the Second Monday of each month at 8pm, but please do check each date carefully to avoid disappointment.

New to magic or FAME? Why not join us?


We usually meet on the second Monday of the month at 8 pm

  • Mar – Half EGM and sales of tricks, half entertaining for Kids and adults (Lenny)
  • Apr – Two effects to be taught
  • May  – AGM and propless (Dave)
  • Jun – Performance and feedback night (Lenny)
  • Jul – Boxes show and tell (Mike)
  • Aug – Fame BBQ social (Dave)

June: Performance and feedback night

MONDAY 10th JUNE 8:00 pm

This meeting is an opportunity for a member to perform and receive feedback. In the past this has been used for Magic Circle auditions and other live performances. While performing for magicians can be nerve-wracking, we foster a supportive learning environment to make this less terrifying! If you are interested in performing, please contact Lenny.

May: AGM and propless

MONDAY 13th MAY 8:00 pm

We know the word AGM fills most of us with fear and boredom in equal measure. At FAME we pride ourselves on getting these over very quickly. In fact very quickly indeed. We need as many of you to attend as possible to make it a valid meeting. Dave will also be leading us through a lecture on “propless” magic that can be done anytime, anywhere!

April: Two effects to be taught

MONDAY 8th APRIL 8:00 pm

This is a great opportunity to learn something new! Two of our members will teach us an effect we can learn with “hands-on” experience. If you are interested in teaching an effect please contact Dave. It should involve a “prop” that all members present can easily be furnished with or bring (coins, cards, rubber bands, etc.)

March: EGM, sales of tricks and entertaining kids and adults

MONDAY 11th MARCH 8:00 pm

The first part of this meeting will be an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) to discuss raising the fees for next year, along with the sale of tricks. The second part will be a lecture from Lenny on entertaining kids and adults.

February: A trick from a Book

MONDAY 12th FEBRUARY 8:00 pm

February’s meeting will be an effect from a book. Not a stand-alone marketed effect but a little gem you found in a book. If you can bring the book then that’s even better. There is real gold dust often missed in the printed page and indeed some fantastic effects came from overlooked tricks that just needed an extra twist. So get your thinking caps on and start going through all those books on your shelf you bought five years ago but only half read!

January: President’s Command Performance

As is traditional, the January meeting is the president’s command performance. This is when you are commanded (well actually you volunteer as nobody is ever under pressure to perform) to do a presentation for your partners and loved ones. Yes, you can invite family to come and see what we all get up to! There will be tea and coffee (bring unwanted Xmas nibbles?) and the performances will probably take up the whole evening finishing before 10. Doors open 7:45 pm for a prompt start at 8:00 pm.

December: President’s Challenge

The presidents challenge this year relates to your improv skills. Please bring along something that you know well. Before you start you will chose an envelope containing your challenge, it may be something you must include in your performance, it may be the style in which you must perform, words you must include in your patter, or things you must not include.

November: Three Mini Lectures

Three of our members will each give a mini-lecture on a topic of their choice, followed by the usual share and help session between members that makes FAME the unique club it is.

October: Classic tricks homage

October’s meeting is hosted by our very own Mike Simpson. Classics are classics for a reason, so this month come and show an effect that in your opinion is a classic in magic. It’s always good to be reminded of why some effects have stood the test of time. From classic sleights, moves, props, routines, you decide. October’s going to be a classic.

September: John Weller Cup competition

It’s competition time! The John Weller Cup for “Best Act” (8-10 minutes). Open to all paid-up members and bring your better halves if you wish. The night is a great opportunity to perform. So whatever you believe your level to be, we strongly urge you to give it a go. Check out the email for more info.

August: FAME BBQ

August is the FAME BBQ, our traditional social away from the hall. This is hosted by our secretary and his wife at their home. Contact the secretary (Dave) for more details. Please note this will be at a different date and time from normal meetings. Members will be emailed beforehand so please do check your spam folders.


July: Effect surgery

Got an effect you are having difficulty with? Need to run it past a few people or practise live and iron out any wrinkles? This is what our members excel at; working as a collective to make us all better as both a group and as individuals. 

Monday 10th July 8pm

June: Tricks from the Pocket

This month it is any effect that can be carried in your pocket. Perhaps your favourite effect to always have about your person. We do not want to place too many restrictions on your creativity so if it fits in your pocket or that of your pet kangaroo, it’s allowed!

Monday 12th June 8pm

May: AGM and Magic Sale

We know the word AGM fills most of us with fear and boredom in equal measure. At FAME we pride ourselves on getting these over very quickly. In fact very quickly indeed. We need as many of you to attend as possible to make it a valid meeting. Plus we have a bring and share magic effects you wish to sell. Hopefully, you will get the opportunity to demo a few.

Monday 15th May 8pm

April: Bizarre Magic

Hosted by our very own Richard Groom this is an evening of effects that fit into the more bizarre style of presentation. What I love about evenings like these is that everybody gets to see a different perspective, a change of style and emphasis. Even if you don’t feel it’s your style YOU WILL go away with a few golden nuggets that can be slotted straight into your repertoire. An evening I am very much looking forward to. So bring along your most bizarre effect(s) to share and delight us with.

Monday 17th April 8pm

March: Show and Tell

Show and Tell absolutely anything, tricks, effects, stories, dvds, favorite book or just a utility move. Tell us why when where etc and show us whatever and however you wish

Monday 13th March 8pm