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Welcome to FAME (Farnborough Association of Magical Entertainers). You can find out more about us, come and visit us for one of our meetings or lectures or join us to enjoy the benefits of membership.

Due to the Corona Virus, we will be using Zoom to host our meetings. Meeting links will be sent via email on the day of the meeting so please check your spam folders. We will update you via email and the website when normal service resumes.


October: Rope Workshop

Rope is one of the best magic props you can get your hands on, very versatile, very simple, very visual, and from a young age when we started doing up our laces, we learned its movements to be unpredictable and difficult to control. Come and find out why this is in a workshop that will include at least five different principles of rope magic and why you should have at least one in your act.

Monday 12 Oct 8pm


September Performance Tips

Want help with your performance? Got a routine you want help with? Want to hear a few tips on performance from the experts? (not me then). Bring your routines, issues problems, good ideas, what’s worked for you, etc. Let’s see if we can collaborate to create something new

Monday 14 Sept 8pm


August Virtual BBQ

Minimum requirement one ice cream. Join us for food, burger etc. OK you have to cook your own and eat it in front of a camera, but at least you don’t have to drive home. Same relaxed vibe, same relaxed magic. Bring something to show, or just catch up.

Monday 10 Aug 8pm


July: Lydon Webb on Mentalism

Lyndon’s lecture/presentation (which was originally due to occur in June) will be on metalism during lockdown, and helps address the challenges to magic as this is lifted. Lyndon will follow with a talk about the use of language in magic presentations.

13th July 8pm


May: AGM on ZOOM

Our second zoom meeting on Monday 11 May 8pm till 10pm. Check email inbox / spam for details. AGM will be short and I have a few surprises for everybody atending.


April: ZOOM

I will be having a go at a zoom meeting on Monday 20th April 8pm till 10pm. Check email inbox / spam for details


March: Mark Shortland Lecture

The best kept secret in magic. Inventor of the Amaze box, as seen on Penn and Teller, Magic Castle close up performer and Member of the Inner Magic circle with Gold Star (The highest membership level), and all round good bloke.

Monday 9th March 8pm

Non members £5 on the door


February: Lenny Dragon

Lenny is in charge this month, come and see what the mystery magical subject is.

Monday 10 February 8pm


January: Presidents Command Performance

Open to friends and family, this is the new year show that the president commands its members to go “slightly bizarre”.

Monady 13 January 8pm

December: Christmas Do & Presidents Challenge

Yes it’s time to see how many tricks you can get in a card box. Standard Poker size (no Jumbos). You can only use a prop once. You must be able to perform all the tricks.

Monday 9th December 8pm

November: “From the Beginning Lecture”

Graham Hickman will be presenting his lecture for us. Guests welcome at £5 on the door. Members free.

Monday 11th November 8pm

October: Halloween Magic

Chris is in charge for this months meeting, come prepared to be scared, or to scare. Anything Halloween orientated or spooky.

Monday 14th October 8pm

September: Development

Yes, it’s our favourite stuff all wrapped in one tasty sandwich of magic. Bring a trick, a new routine, get feedback, help, advise or just input your ideas for others. Best part is, everybody learns. Monday 9th September 8pm

August: FAME BBQ

DATE CHANGED to Monday 5th August

Yes, it’s round Dave’s for the annual BBQ. Monday, August 5th slightly earlier than normal meetings, usually starts about 7pm but you will get an e-mail.

July: Teach a Trick

Yes it’s the return of our very popular teach a trick night. You tell us what you want to learn and everybody goes home having learnt a usable routine. This is hands-on learning. Not a lecture. Monday 8th July 8pm

June: Jared Gale Lecture

Don’t let the fact that he looks about 12 put you off. Despite our best efforts, Jared has become one of the most sought after Magicians in the area. Very talented, as a magician and a teacher. Monday 10th June 8pm

May: AGM

Yes it’s that exciting time again. Can we beet our old record and get this done in less than 15 minutes? Afterwards 1:1 training sessions and member showcases. Monday 13 May 8pm

April: David O’Connor Lecture

Control, What is it? Including controls and forces, with a section for 1:1 learning and performance for members and visitors alike. Monday 8 April 8pm